Multi-Stamp Azure Stack Hub

How to add connection details for multiple Azure Stack Hub connections for Usage & Billing?

  • Have the certificate installed and connections details for the target Azs Hub Platform. Details that would be needed (can be obtained from billing registration.txt):

    • SubscriptionId

    • ApplicationId

    • AdminArmEndpointUrl

    • AuthorityEndpointUrl

    • TokenRequestResourceUrl

    • CertificateThumbprint

    • IsAdfs

    • TenantId

  • Execute the below command with appropriate details for each stamp,

Billing.exe CreateAzureStackConnection <adminSubscriptionId> <tenantId> <applicaionId> <certificateThumbprint> <adminArmEndpoint>
<tokenRequestResourceUrl> <authorityEndpointUrl> [/applicationSecret:<String>] [/isAdfs]
[/ApiEndpoint:<String>] [/Username:<String>] [/Password:<String>] [/IsSkipPrompts:<True|False>]
[/ExportToCsv:<True|False>] [/ExportToFileName:<String>]
  • Enable '"AzsHubUsageProcessorIsEnabled' in Cost Management agent config. Check the below link for more details,

  • Enable the AzsHubUsageRecordProcessor from Billing Agent service.

  • Configure the [dbo].[SubscriptionMapper] with the UsageSource Id and external subscription Id (azs subscription id) column value.


  • Verify the Connection is added successfully in Config.Connections in Cost Management database.

  • Verify the AzsHubUsageRecordProcessingStatusData for the processing status, the data will be populated in the Raw usage records table.