Release Notes

This release notes contains new features and improvements for Hybr.

March 2021 Version: 1.2.49

New Features

  1. HCI Integration

    • Hybr now supports HCI for resource management

  2. Azure Stack Hub resource provisioning

    • Resource management for Azure Stack Hub

  3. Azure VM Image-based SKUs support

    • Azure VM Image-based Marketplace SKUs can be provisioned directly from Hybr

  4. Custom Billing Cost Reports

    The ability for admin to define custom reports, view and download the generated reports from the portal.

    • Service admin now will be able to define a custom report that pulls the data from existing cost reports and generate reports with a custom format.

    • These reports can be downloaded from the admin portal and notified to billing admin on report generation


  1. Veeam backup improvements

    1. Incremental backup storage mode support.

February 2021


  • Support for Azure Plan and Software Products: Tenants would now be able to purchase and manage Azure Plan and Software Products' subscriptions from Hybr Tenant Portal.

  • Usage history charts are shown for the last six months in the billing dashboard

  • Performance improvements in VM Metrics data collections

January 2021

Hybr v1.2.21


  • Hybr Workspace

    • A new powerful workspace management platform aka Desktop-as-a-Service that helps customer create and access Virtual Machines in a moments time.

  • Azure Stack VM Image provisioning

  • WHMCS integration

  • Improvements in VM Metrics and VM Runtime processors Workspace Related Changes

  • Displaying Usage history for past six months in Admin Billing dashboard