August 2020

Features and fixes that are part of Hybr August 2020 release

Hybr v1.1.40

  • User and Subscription traceability

    • User screen shows the list of subscriptions details that a user has access. This helps give a visibility of users and their subscription access.

  • Resource, Subscription and Connection traceability

    • Connection and Subscription details are now part of Resource list which gives a better visibility of resources and their relationships.

  • Multi-language support in Invoice

    • Ability to create invoices in multiple languages

    • Support for a customized invoice through HTML templates

  • Report APIs for Third-party integrations

    • Cost Report and Subscription APIs for external system integration

  • Support for operators to reset the cost and regenerate the Invoice from UI

    • In situations like a modified pricing profile or a changed metered pricing during the middle of a month, the billing cost must be recalculated. This requires admin to seek product support to reset the cost computation. With this feature, the reset process can be initiated from the Hybr UI which saves the turnaround time for the administrators.


  • Rate of Exchange improvements

  • Squashed a few bug fixes

  • Improved the performances of Virtual Machine Screen