March 2020

Features and changes that is part of March 2020 week 4 release

Hybr v1.1.15


  • Software Defined Networking support

    • Configuring gateway

    • Site to Site VPN creation

    • BGP feature

  • Invoice

    • Invoice changes that includes section based invoice line items. The invoice line items are segregated based on Usage types, license types etc.

  • Auto import CSP customers to Hybr

    • Hybr lets you import all your CSP customers automatically. This saves a lot time when you have to manually import 100's of tenants


  • Usage history:

    • Usage history tab is visible for newly added tenants.

  • Changed the order of the CSP Subscription id from 2nd to 1st position in Cloud Service subscriptions page.

  • CSP offer price now shows with 2 decimal places instead of one.