September 2020

Features and improvements that are part of Hybr September 2020 release

Hybr v1.1.55


  • Resource Provider specific billing charts in Hybr tenant portal

    • Hybr charts now show the billing cost break down based on the providers such as VCenter, System Center, Azure, AWS, Azure Stack etc.

  • Ability to assign licenses to users in MS CSP main screen in Hybr admin and tenant portal

    • Assigning licenses to users are now fast and easier

    • Licenses and Users screen on brought to the main CSP page in Hybr tenant and admin portal

  • Display Add-On Costs during the purchase workflow

  • Optionally hide invoice payment status from the portals

  • Configure additional email recipients for Tenant Invoices


  • Performance improvements in Marketplace page in Hybr tenant portal

  • Improved pagination and performance in Virtual Machines screen in Hybr tenant portal

  • Other minor bug fixes