Purchasing Multiple Instance of an Addon

Usage and Billing solution allows the tenants to purchase multiple instance of an add-on with a single click.

NOTE: This feature is available for versions higher than v1.9.0.2.

  • Logon to WAP tenant portal, click on Usage and Billing on the Left.

  • Click ‘MARKETPLACE’ tab.

  • Click ‘ADD-ONS’ sub tab.

  • Select a desired subscription and add-on and click ‘ADD ADD-ON’ button.

  • Tick the check box under Terms of Service dialog box and click the complete button.

  • Specify the number of instances to purchase and click the complete button present in the dialog box.

NOTE: The default purchase limit for an add-on at a single purchase is ‘5’. To increase this limit changes to ‘MaximumPurchaseLimitForAddOnAtAnInstance’ in App Setting table has to be done. Refer App Settings Table.