Configure Automated Emails
Configuring the settings will send stamp summary reports on regular intervals
In the Admin Portal navigate to VConnect → Settings → Azure Stack Hub - Notifications Settings page to configure the settings.
Parameter Name
Stamp Summary Email Generation Enabled?
Enable / disable to send email reports
Stamp Summary Generation Hours
Specify time to send out email reports. (E.g. 7,14,20)
Stamp Summary Email Subject
Email subject of the summary reports
SMTP Settings needs to configure in order to use this feature. Email report templates can be customized. Please contact product support for help.

Configure Email Notification for Different Stamp Categories

VConnect Resource Provider VM

  1. 1.
    Open an elevated PowerShell window, navigate to the folder where VConnect.exe tool (C:\CloudAssert\Tools\VConnectTool) is available.
  2. 2.
    Run the following command to send email notification for different distribution list by stamp category.
.\VCONNECT.EXE AddOrUpdateAppSetting AzSAdminNotifications SendAzSAdminNotificationByCategory true /isEncrypted:false /VConnectApiEndpoint:https://localhost:44305 /VConnectApiUserName:cloudassertadminuser /VConnectApiPassword:[email protected]
3. Run the following command to add different stamp category and email distribution list for the category.
Ensure that the stamp category added is specified in 'Category' field when configuring Tags in Configure a new Azure Stack Hub Stamp step.
.\VCONNECT.EXE AddOrUpdateAppSetting AzSCategoryEmailSubscribers <StampCategory> <EmailDistributionList> [/VConnectApiEndpoint:<String>] [/VConnectApiUserName:<String>] [/VConnectApiPassword:<String>]
E.G. 1:
.\VCONNECT.EXE AddOrUpdateAppSetting AzSCategoryEmailSubscribers Prod [email protected],[email protected] /VConnectApiEndpoint:https://localhost:44305 /VConnectApiUserName:cloudassertadminuser /VConnectApiPassword:[email protected]
E.G. 2:
.\VCONNECT.EXE AddOrUpdateAppSetting AzSCategoryEmailSubscribers UAT [email protected] /VConnectApiEndpoint:https://localhost:44305 /VConnectApiUserName:cloudassertadminuser /VConnectApiPassword:[email protected]