Offline Marketplace Download

Operator can configure Marketplace feature to store the images into specified shared location and and import to different stamps when needed.
  • Marketplace management feature provides a powerful view and enable actions to keep marketplace items synchronized across the stamps.

  • Optimize performance and save bandwidth while downloading items from Azure by downloading images once and import to different stamps

Download Marketplace Items from Offline Repo

  • On Admin Portal navigate to VConnect → Azure Stack Hub → Marketplace Items page to view all downloaded Marketplace Items, available update and etc.

Download Marketplace items access the stamps with update available staus
  • Click 'Add To Marketplace' button to view all available Marketplace images from Azure. This option is available only if any one stamp with connected deployment model.

Available Marketplace items to download with offline available status
  • Select the Marketplace items and click the 'Download' button. The 'Download to Marketplace' page allows operator to select one or more stamps and initiate the download operations.

  • Marketplace item(s) will be download into configured Offline Repository and will be imported to different stamps simultaneously. Download operation(s) can be monitored by live notification.

  • If any stamp is not configured with Offline Marketplace feature, VConnect service will initiate the download directly from the Azure.

Download to Marketplace page with stamp multi-select option
  • Azure Stack Hub → Marketplace Items → Manage Offline Repository allows operator to view Offline Products in single page.

  • Operators can add listed product to stamps with given 'Download to Stamps' option.

  • Mange Offline Repository → Add option allows operators to copy already download product from a different location to Offline Repository as shown below.

Copy product to Offline Repository