Add Transaction Log Shrink Job in SQL Server
PowerShell command to create/update Shrink Log Job
The following step will help to add a job in SQL Server Agent to shrink the transaction log size in the Database of VConnect, Billing, Hybr and DACM.
  • Open a PowerShell window in the SQL Server machine in elevated mode.
  • Click here for the steps to install / update the CloudAssert.Common PowerShell module.
  • Click here for the steps to add a SQL Database Connection.
  • Execute the following command to add Transaction Log Shrink Job.
SQL Connection Name
Name of the SQL database connection created earlier. Ex: vconnect-sql
Backup folder path
The path for saving the database backup and log backup. Ex: C:\\Backup
No.of days to purge old backup
The number of days to retain the backup
Hybr Database Name, VConnect Database Name, Billing Database Name, DACM Database Name
Enter 'Y' if it uses the mentioned DB name. Enter 'N' and specify if a different DB name is used.
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