IP Pools
VConnect features IP Address Pool management. You can specific these values in the VM Template in ‘IP Mode’ and ‘IP Address Pool Name’ parameters. IP Address Pools can be configured via the ‘IP Pools’ section.
Example scenarios enabled by this:
  • Support non-DHCP environments with static list of known IP address ranges
  • Support setting up public IP addresses for specific VM Templates
  • Since IP Address Pool can be selected per VM Template, it is possible to have different type of VMs use different range of IP Addresses

View IP Pools

Applicable only for the VMware vCenter Virtual machines.
User can reserve certain IPs and can view the allocated IPs in the IP Pool drilldown tab.

Create, Edit and Delete IP Pool

  • Navigate to ‘IP Pools’ section and click ‘Add’.
  • Enter the IP Address Pool information.
  • Enter DNS, WINS list and IP Address Ranges to be used for this Pool.