Navigate to the Resource Provider -> VConnect, then click ‘Settings’ and the list of settings to be configured by the admin will be shown.

Database Settings

The database settings will be generally configured during deployment process. Admin can enter the database server name, user name, password, database name and click ‘save’ button to update these settings.

Powershell Settings

Configure the Machine details where remote powershell can be executed via WMI and all required powershell modules installed, for example vSphere PowerCLI, Azure Powershell etc.
  • Ensure that the target server machine has vSphere PowerCLI
  • Enter the Server name, User Name, Password. And if the default WMI ports to be used, then do not select ‘USE HTTPS FOR WMI’ and enter 5985 for ‘POWERSHELL WMI PORT’

Script Settings

Provide the base folder path for the custom scripts, so that relative path can be provided for the location of the scripts for features like Custom commands and Operation templates.