Creating a Virtual Machine

Virtual Machine Creation

  • Click New > Compute
  • Choose one of the VM template published by Admin.
  • In the step 1, choose the subscription and resource group in which the virtual machine gets deployed.
  • In the step 2, choose the virtual machine size from the list displayed.
  • In the step 3, provide values for the template parameters that admin marked as ‘Is Configurable by Tenant’.
  • Step 4 shows the summary of the provided virtual machine details.

View Deployment status of Virtual Machine creation

  • ‘VConnect Service Request’ extension shows the status of the VConnect deployments like Virtual Machine deployment, Service Request deployment etc.
  • In the ‘Deployments’ section, choose a subscription to view the list of deployments for that subscription.
  • Click one of the deployments to view the list of deployment operations.
  • Click one of the deployment operations to view the detailed status of that specific operation.