Add the service to Azure Stack Plan

Creating a VConnect Quota

  • In Admin portal, click VConnect extension

  • Click Quotas > Add

  • Enter a name for the Quota

  • Configure the connections, quotas and tenant operations

  • Click ‘Save’

Creating a Plan with VConnect Service

  • In the Admin Portal, click Plans extension

  • Choose an existing plan or create a new plan

  • Click Service and quotas > Add

  • Choose CloudAssert.VConnect under Services

  • Click Quotas > CloudAssert.VConnect and choose the VConnect quota from the list displayed

Creating an Offer

  • In the Admin Portal, click Offers extension

  • Create an offer or choose an existing offer

  • Click Base plans > Add

  • Select a plan with VConnect service added to it

Registering VConnect service for a User Subscription

  • In the Tenant Portal, click Subscriptions extension

  • Select a VConnect enabled subscription

  • Click ‘Resource Providers’

  • Click register link for the CloudAssert.VConnect service