VM Templates

View VM Templates

Navigate to the Resource Provider -> VConnect, then click a connection. Click ‘VM Templates’ and the available templates are shown.

Publish VM Templates

Select the templates that to publish and click the icon ‘Publish to Gallery’ and the selected templates will be available for deployment in the tenant.

Unpublish VM Templates

Select the templates to unpublish and click the icon ‘Remove from Gallery’ and the templates will be removed for deployment in tenant.

Create, Edit or Delete a VM Template

Creating a Virtual Machine Template includes scenarios like Domain Join a virtual machine, specifying the type of Data Store to place the virtual machine in, adding installation scripts on start of the virtual machine, specifying a network name to join the virtual machine to, deciding which parameters the tenants can override.
  • Select the OS platform
  • The list of templates available in the datacenter will be shown in the drop down.
  • Choose a template and the section of params to be configured for the template will be shown.
  • They can be configured by tenant if the admin wants to allow them.

Clone a VM Template

  • Select a template from the list of templates in the view and click the clone button.
  • The original template name (read only) and the new name text boxes are shown.
  • Enter the new template name.
  • Click ‘Clone’ button.

Configure Params

Drill down to each template to view the parameters configured in them. The admin can add custom parameters and edit them.