Connection to a SQL server

  • SQL Server name, in the format, <IP Address of the SQL Server>/<Instance name>

  • SQL authenticated user credential

  • Name of the VConnect database

  • VConnect Database must be created prior to the deployment and it must be accessible from Azure Stack tenant network

Tenant Subscription

  • ID of the Tenant Subscription where Cloud Assert components need to be deployed

  • Tenant Subscription administrator account credentials

  • A tenant subscription created from an Azure Stack Offer/Plan that includes Microsoft Compute, Storage and Network services with default quotas added

  • Upon creating the tenant subscription, the Microsoft Compute, Storage and Network services need to be registered from the Subscription > Resource Providers blade in the Tenant portal


  • For integrated systems (i.e. multi-node), a .pfx certificate is required. Refer to PKI Certificate Requirements for more details.

  • For ASDK, certificate is generated as a part of the deployment. Password for the .pfx certificate should not contain the following characters: ^ ` ~ & % *


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