Notifications messages will be sent to the service admin if any user credit value falls within the configured range.


Admin can configure the rules with a credit range and email ids.

Creating a Rule

  • Click on ‘Rules’ section which is under ‘Notifications’ extension.
  • Click on ‘Add’ button.
  • Specify the ‘Display Name’.
  • Specify the ‘Email Ids’ as comma separated. [can also specify only one email id.]
  • Choose the event as ‘Credit Checker
  • Setting ‘Enable Rule’ to ‘Yes’ will send the notification messages. It can be disabled anytime.
  • Specify ‘Credit Greater that’ and ‘Credit Less than’ values.
  • Click ‘Save’ button.
Note: Say, if the ‘Credit Greater than’ value is $10, ‘Credit Less than’ value is $100 and the remaining user credit value of user1 = $20, user2 = $50 and user3 = $5 then notification messages will be sent to the admin, stating that user1 and user2 credits value fall within the configured range (i.e. $10 to $100).


When the rule is triggered, the notification messages will be listed under ‘Messages’ section. Admin can view, delete and dismiss the notification.

View Notification Message Details

  • Click on ‘Messages’ under ‘Notifications’ extension.
  • Click a desired row to view the notification message details.
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