Release Notes

Aug 2020

Build 3.2008.1.0

  • Custom Invoice Templates

    • Support for a customized invoice through HTML templates

    • Multi-language support in invoices

  • Report APIs

    • Cost Report and Subscription APIs for external system integration

July 2020

  • Multi Stamp Management

    • Ability to map subscriptions across different Azure Stack stamps with billing subscription.

    • Aggregated dashboard for subscriptions across stamps.

    • Monitoring usage, costs, and invoicing subscriptions across stamps.

  • Exchange Rates: Ability to define prices in one currency and charge customers in multiple currencies through exchange rates. This feature is particularly useful for Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers as the price list from the Partner center is not available in all currencies.

  • Support for usage collection and billing for VCenter Snapshot disks in addition to other VM metrics

  • Performance Improvement fixes for Pricing Profiles

  • Bug fixes and Improvements

    • Support for pagination in Pricing Profile Meters

    • Fix for cloned meters not being visible in UI

  • Deployment

    • Support for deploying Billing resource provider in a multi-tenant enabled environment.

    • Support for deploying in a completely disconnected environment

June 2020

  • CSP

    • Improvements to CSP Office 365 License data collection

    • Improvements to reseller price calculations for Office 365 Licenses

  • Azure Stack Hub

    • Improvements to Usage Data collection in Multi-Stamp environments

  • The ability for admin to copy email notifications to other users

  • Email notification settings for billing subscription changes

  • Bug fixes and improvements

May 2020

  • Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP):

    • Ongoing cost reports and forecast is now supported for Office 365 Licenses, Azure Usage, Software Subscriptions & Reserved Instances.

    • Office 365 cost split-ups based on license count in a billing cycle

  • More control on customer invoices: Admin would now be able to mandate approvals before the invoice is available for the customer. This makes it easier for admin to review and make any changes if required.

  • Resource Level cost in Admin and Tenant Reports for Azure Stack Hub

  • Bug fixes and improvements

April 2020

  • Support for Azure Stack Hub Version 2002

  • Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP):

    • Azure Plan: Ability to charge Reserved Instances and Software Subscriptions (Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL, etc.,)

    • Licenses: Improvements to recurring cost calculation for licenses

  • Invoice:

    • New default layout for invoice: Going forward the improved invoice is the default option for the customers, this includes costs grouped by resource provider, invoice summary page and other improvements. If customer needs to see old invoice IsV2InvoiceEnabled in AppSettings should be set to false

    • Azure Subscription Id and other external Ids from the source to be shown in customer invoices

  • Ability to display usage history with costs for pre-existing data: This is controlled through IgnoreSubscriptionCreatedTimeInHistory in AppSettings; default value is false.