Azure Stack Hub Version

Minimum supported version: 1.1910.0.0

Accounts and Permission

  • Azure Stack service Admin account credentials (Azure AD account)

    • Ensure if the service Admin account has "Global Administrator" role (Password should not contain the following characters ^ ` ~ & % *)

  • Azure Stack cloud administrator credential for Privileged endpoint access E.g., <Azure Stack domain>\cloudadmin (Password should not contain the following characters ^ ` ~ & % *)

Tenant Subscription

Cloud Assert components need to be deployed in a dedicated tenant subscription and the following are the minimum required services to be available in the subscription,

  • Compute

  • Storage

  • Network services

The below information will be required at the time of RP deployment,

  • Tenant Subscription ID

  • Tenant Subscription administrator account credentials

VM Image

Download the Windows 2016 Datacenter image from the marketplace through the Marketplace Management blade in the Admin portal, this is required for RP installation.


  • For integrated systems (i.e. multi-node), a .pfx certificate with the following domain, along with the certificate chain (i.e., root authority and any intermediate authorities): *.cloudassert.<Azure Stack region>.<Azure Stack external FQDN> should be procured from a public authority.

  • For ASDK, certificate is generated as a part of the deployment.

  • Password for the .pfx certificate (Password should not contain the following characters ^ ` ~ & % *)

Connection to a SQL server

  • SQL Server name, in the format, <IP Address of the SQL Server>/<Instance name>

  • SQL authenticated user credential

  • Name of the Billing database

  • Billing Database must be created prior to the deployment and it must be accessible from Azure Stack

  • It is highly recommended to have Billing database in a performant SQL Server. Recommended system configuration is given below,

    • Compute: CPU – 6 Cores

    • Compute: Memory – 16 GB

    • Disk Drive Type - SSD


  • Privileged endpoint VM should be accessible from the computer where deployment scripts will be executed

  • The system where the script is being run must be a Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 system with the latest version of the .NET runtime installed

  • Netbios name of the Azure Stack domain (On ASDK, the default is AzureStack)

  • Uninstall any Azure PowerShell versions other than 1.8.0 and Install Azure PowerShell version 1.8.0 (Azure PowerShell)