Operations and Monitoring
Add monitoring rules for the following components in your environment via monitoring tools like SCOM and associated Management Packs:
  • Windows Servers
  • SQL Server
  • IIS Web Server (in API Machines)
  • API End points
  • Billing Agent Service
You may in addition add monitoring for:
  • DB growth and/or the Disk(s) hosting Billing Database is monitored for performance and more importantly Available Free Space.
  • Event logs for Error level entries - though, beware of many false positives here. Only add monitoring of specific events if you have seen helping identify issues.
  • Down level source systems and dependencies like:
    • Microsoft Azure Stack (MAS) usage endpoint
    • Windows Azure Pack (WAP) usage endpoint
    • Active Directory and/or ADFS, if your environment depends on it
Having the operations team educated and routed with automated alerts is also essential to prevent failures and to enable faster recovery from any failures.
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