Cost Management Across Multiple Azure Stack Hub Stamps

The Cloud Assert Billing solution is capable of querying usage of subscriptions from multiple stamps and computing the costs. It can also give reports on quota consumption of Microsoft.Compute, Microsoft.Storage and Microsoft.Network services. To enable this capability, connections to the stamps needs to be created.
To add connection to an Azure AD integrated Stamp (Connected Stamp):
To add connection to an ADFS integrated or disconnected stamp:
Once the connections are connected, the Billing service will sync the subscriptions across stamps and map them against the subscriptions of the same users in the master stamp. The costs and invoices will be generated for the mapped master stamp subscriptions. If, the costs and invoices needs to be generated for each subscription across stamps, the mapping can be changed manually from the Billing admin extension. The following page has the steps to configure the same.
For the Cloud Assert Billing solution to generate reports regarding quota consumption, the service administrator needs to do a one-time step and the tenant users needs to give consent to Billing application.
This is a licensed feature and it is currently supported only for connected Azure Stack Hub integrated with single Azure Active directory tenant.
Service administrator one-time setup:
Tenant user consent: