Remove Resource Provider

Removing a resource provider through below steps would remove the following resources that were originally created during installation,
  • Admin and Tenant Resource Provider Registrations
  • DNS Zone entries for the resource provider
  • The admin and resource groups created for resource providers. This includes a Resource Provider Virtual machine created in the tenant resource group.

Steps to remove

  1. 1.
    Get a copy of the resource provider installation package and have it extracted.
  2. 2.
    Open a new elevated (administrative) PowerShell console and change to the directory where the files have been extracted
  3. 3.
    Run InstallBilling.ps1 script with the parameters shown below
.\InstallBilling.ps1 -DefaultProviderSubscriptionId "fill-here" -ServiceAdmin "fill-here" -AdminPassword 'fill-here' -AdminArmEndpoint "fill-here" -ServiceAdminDirectoryTenantName "fill-here" -TenantSubscriptionId "fill-here" -VmLocalAdminPass 'fill-here' -PfxPassword 'fill-here' -SqlServerName "fill-here" -SqlDbName "CloudAssert.Billing" -SqlUser "cadbadmin" -SqlPass 'fill-here' -Apiuser "admin" -ApiPassword 'fill-here' -DacmDatabaseName "CloudAssert.Dacm" -Uninstall $true
.\InstallBilling.ps1 -DefaultProviderSubscriptionId "a088be51-b7e3-47ea-8c83-1ba98e2bbf5f" -ServiceAdmin "[email protected]" -AdminPassword 'TestP@ss1234' -AdminArmEndpoint "https://adminmanagement..local.azurestack.external" -ServiceAdminDirectoryTenantName "" -ServiceTenant "[email protected]" -TenantPassword 'TestP@ss1234' -ServiceTenantDirectoryTenantName "" -TenantSubscriptionId "00e4fd62-a809-4cd2-a70c-981c97ace666" -VmLocalAdminPass 'TestP@ss1234' -PfxPassword 'TestP@ss1234' -SqlServerName "" -SqlDbName "CloudAssert.Billing" -SqlUser "cadbadmin" -SqlPass 'TestP@ss1234' -Apiuser "admin" -ApiPassword 'TestP@ss1234' -DacmDatabaseName "CloudAssert.Dacm" -Uninstall $true
Uninstall can take 15-30 minutes to complete normally.