Setup pricing profile and quotas

The Pricing Profiles allows the administrator to set price for each resource and its meters that are specified by the resource providers.

Configuring A Pricing Profile

  1. 1.
    Click on Pricing Profiles
  2. 2.
    Click Base Profiles
3. Click on the desired pricing profile name.
4. Clone and specify a name for the cloned pricing profile.
5. (Optional) Select Yes/No for the ‘SET MONTHLY FEE?’ field.
6. (Optional) Specify the ‘MONTHLY FEE’ amount.
7. (Optional) Specify the ‘ONE-TIME FEE’ amount.
8. (Optional) If the tax rate needs to be included for the tenants who subscribe to the offer associated with this pricing profile, Select Yes/No for the ‘APPLY STANDARD TAX RATE?’ field.
Note: The standard tax rate must be specified under Settings → Invoice PDF Settings → Standard Tax Rate. The ‘Apply Tax?’ must be set to ‘Yes’ for the tax rate to be applied.
9. (Optional) Specify the ‘MARKUP PERCENT’.
10. (Optional) Select Yes/No for the ‘APPLY MARKUP ONLY FOR BASE PROFILES? field.
11. (Optional) Choose a base profile to link the current pricing profile with it.
Note: Opting 'Yes' will apply the markup value only if the resources match in the base profile. Opting 'NO' will apply the markup value for resource that matches in the child profile (Even if there is no base for this profile).
12. (Optional) Choose a ‘PROMO TYPE’ and specify the ‘PROMO CREDIT AMOUNT’.
13. (Optional) To update the credits for existing subscriptions, choose ‘Yes’ in ‘UPDATE PROMOTION CREDITS FOR EXISTING SUBSCRIPTIONS?’ field.
Note: If the promo credit needs to be calculated in percentage, check the ‘SPECIFY PROMORTION IN PERCENTAGE?’ must be set to ‘Yes’.
14. Specify the ‘REGION’, ‘CURRENCY TEXT’ and ‘CURRENCY SYMBOL’ and click Save button at the top.


The ‘Quotas’ extension allows the service admin to create/edit quotas which can be later used to add the Billing service in an Azure Stack plan. By default, a ‘Azure-Stack-Base’ quota is created. This quota can be cloned and configured.

Setting Pricing Profile and Enabling/Disabling Email Notification

Once a quota is cloned, it can be configured. To configure the quota, click on the quota name.
  • The name of the quota can be changed any time.
  • The configured pricing profile must be set.