Cloud Assert Billing tool for Microsoft Azure Stack provides the following settings to customize the product.
  • Product Feature Settings
    • Allows or restricts features to tenants.
  • General Settings
    • Common settings used to customize the billing solution.
  • Invoice PDF Settings
    • Allows customization of invoice PDF page.
  • Email Settings
    • Used to set the SMTP settings for the system to send notification emails.
  • Stripe Settings
    • Allows the tenants to pay their invoices using credit cards.
  • Domain User Settings
    • Used for sending email alert to service administrator when the agent service stops.
  • Misc. Settings
    • Contains a list of miscellaneous settings.

Product Feature Settings

The following product settings which can be enabled or disabled at any point of time.
  • Promotions feature
  • Notification feature for Tenants
  • Viewing Invoices for Tenants
  • Allowing tenants to download invoice as PDF.
  • Allowing tenants to pay invoice via Stripe.
  • CSP feature

Is Promotions Feature Enabled?

The Promotion Feature is used to create a pricing profile with either One-Time credit or Recurring credit. One-Time credit is given for a fixed number of days for which the tenant need not pay. Recurring credit is a fixed amount that is credited recursively on every month for the tenants.

Is Notifications Feature Enabled For Tenant?

The notification feature is used to indicate the tenant that the usage cost has exceeded the threshold configured. It sends a notification message to the tenant when the usage exceeds the limit.

Show Invoices To Tenants?

Enabling this feature allows the tenants to view their invoices. The tenants can also view all their old invoices.

Can Tenants Download Invoice Pdf?

Enabling this feature allows the tenants to download their invoice in a PDF format. For this feature to work, the ‘IS INVOICE FEATURE ENABLED FOR TENANTS?’ needs to be enabled.

Allow Tenants To Pay Invoice Via Stripe?

Enabling this feature allows the tenants to pay their invoice via Stripe using their credit cards.

Is CSP Feature Enabled?

This is yet another licensed feature of Usage and Billing solutions. Enabling the feature will allow the tenants to create customer profile, create users, buy license and assign licenses to users in Microsoft partner center from within Usage and Billing Solutions.

Should Show Only Azure Stack Quota Blades to Tenant?

This is a licensed feature of Usage and Billing solutions. Enabling the feature will allow the admin and tenants to view only the Usage and Quota Section.

General Settings

This is an optional setting that can be configured based on the need.
General Settings

Apply Tax

This is the global setting to compute tax when the usage cost for subscriptions are computed.

Standard Tax Rate

The value specified will be the tax percentage computed against the usage costs of each tenant subscription.

Invoice PDF Settings

This is an optional setting which can be configured at any point of time. This is used to customize the contents in the PDF file. The following are the options that can be customized.
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Invoice Approval Required
  • Invoice Due Date (Currently Not Used)
  • Notification Email date (Currently Not Used)
  • Company logo
  • Invoice display name
  • Invoice period display name
  • Line items table display name
  • Line items table description, quantity, unit price, amount and total sum column names
  • User and Subscription Display names
  • Notes display name and notes content

CSP Settings

Cloud Assert Billing solution has integrated with Microsoft Cloud Service Provider APIs to self-service licenses from with Microsoft Azure Stack tenant portal.
  • Partner Service API Endpoint
  • Authentication Type
  • Authentication Authority Endpoint
  • Authentication Application Id
  • Domain
  • Username
  • Password
  • Resource URL
  • Redirect URL
  • Market
  • Language
  • Culture

Email Settings

This is yet another optional setting. This is used configure the smtp settings (if SMTP server is set). The Billing system will alert service admins and tenants thru emails using these settings. The following fields are to be set.
  • SMTP Host
  • SMTP Port number
  • Set Authentication for SMTP server (If configured)
  • SMTP User and Password
  • Service admin email ids

Stripe Settings

This is an optional setting upon configuring, lets the tenants pay their invoice using credit cards. To avail this feature, custom license must be precured from Cloud Assert.

Domain User Settings

This is an optional setting upon configuring, allows the Billing solution to trigger an email to the service administrator when the Billing Agent Service stops.

Misc. Settings

These are optional miscellaneous settings available in the Billing solution.