CSP Customers with Resellers

Steps to onboard CSP Customers with Reseller mapping

This document summarizes the steps involved in the CSP Customer onboarding with the reseller, check the other relevant pages for more details on Offers, Plans, and Pricing profiles.

Onboarding CSP Customers with reseller mapping experience is revamped in the upcoming release, and the onboarding can be accomplished with fewer steps in the new experience.

1. Reseller: Create Pricing Profile, Plan, and Offer for the customer

  • Log in as a reseller and navigate to Billing -> Customers -> Billing

  • Create a new Pricing profile and set the appropriate base pricing profile

  • Navigate to Customers -> Plan, create a new Plan

    • Set one of the resellable plans created by the Service provider as the Base plan

    • Navigate inside the newly created plan, select 'CloudAssertBilling' and set the Pricing Profile created in the above steps as the plan's Pricing Profile; No other settings are editable for resellers.

  • Navigate to Customers -> Offers, create a new Offer, and set its status as 'Public'

  • Link the Plan created in the above steps to the newly created offer

  • The linked plan should reflect in the 'Base Plan' column of the newly created plan

2. Service Provider to onboard to CSP Tenant

  • Login as Service Provider and navigate to Microsoft CSP -> Customers

  • Select the CSP Company which needs to be onboarded as a customer in Hybr

  • Click 'Map with new Tenant', select the Offer created in the above steps and enter other details as required

  • Navigate to Resellers -> Overview and select the Reseller company with which the above onboarded CSP customer should be mapped

  • Click 'Map Company' and select the newly onboarded company and their subscription

  • Once completed, the newly onboarded customer's subscription is mapped with the reseller. You can log in as the reseller and check the newly onboarded customer in Customers -> Companies.

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