External application events which trigger event in Hybr

This page gives a detailed information about the events that can be performed in Hybr when an external trigger or event is performed.

Hybr Functionalities

Create New Tenant Company (With Subscriptions)

In this event, after an external trigger, a new Hybr company and Hybr subscription is created in Hybr with the information from the external system.

Add new tenant User.

In this event, a new tenant user is added under the existing Hybr company and Hybr Subscription.

List Tenant Companies

In this event, all the tenant companies will be listed, this list can be imported to the external CRM system for customer Management.


Get Billing Invoice

By giving the month and invoice id, all the billing invoice line items will be listed in this event. This invoice line items can be sent to external billing system to generate consolidated invoice.

List Billing Invoices

In this event, all the billing invoices in Hybr will be listed based on the entered month. This list contains summary of all the invoices.

Add Metered Resource Pricing

This event will create a meter in Hybr inside a specific pricing profile.

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