Onboarding a CSP Customer and Mapping it with Reseller

This page gives detailed information on how to onboard a CSP customer and map it with a Reseller

A CSP company is created in Microsoft partner center. With that CSP company we cannot perform various functions in Hybr such as billing, configuring tenant self-service portal.

CSP Customer onboarding with reseller offers

The service provider can onboard multiple CSP companies into Hybr with the offer created by the reseller.

Navigate to Microsoft CSP -> Customers

A list of CSP companies from the partner center will be listed in the page.

The Service Provider can select multiple CSP company and onboard to Hybr

While onboarding all the offers including service provider offers and offers created by reseller will be listed for selection.

Mapping an Onboarded Customer with a Reseller

After onboarding the CSP company with a reseller offer, the service provider needs to map that company to the appropriate reseller so that the reseller can view and access the company.

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