Company with AAD B2C

Create a company with Azure Active Directory B2C

AAD B2C option would help you add customers (companies) who do not have corporate Microsoft Entra ID / ADFS or do not prefer to use SSO with their corporate Microsoft Entra ID. The steps below will guide on creating a company with AAD B2C.

Azure B2C company creation HYBR Admin Portal

Open browser and login to HYBR admin portal and select customers.

Click create company and enter the name of the company and select Azure AD B2C as identity provider and enter the required B2C details listed below and create the company.

  1. Click to expand “Customer” on the Nav Panel.

  1. Click on Companies and Create Company after the page load.

  1. Enter the Company name and select Azure AD B2C as identity provider.

  1. Enter the B2C details listed below the Identity provide selection.

  1. Navigate to the next wizard by clicking next and enter the company address details.

  1. Enter the Admin user details and create the company.

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