Attach and detach networks

How to Attach and Detach a VM Network on Existing Virtual Machines:

A virtual network can connect virtual machines and devices, no matter what is their location, and the software it use.

Virtual networking enables devices across many locations to function with the same capabilities as a traditional physical network.

Hybr released a new feature on the top of the VM management capabilities to attach and detach a network. This allows tenant to allocate networks or remove the one that is already present in a virtual machine.

Without this, a tenant needs to rely on the infrastructure application such as vCenter vSphere, VMM Console to configure network. Hybr now enables this capability to configure network on a already provisioned virtual machine without hopping between the portal and vSphere client or VMM Console.

Custom commands:

Hybr, administrator can write their own PowerShell scripts to create and perform custom power operations and run against any virtual machines. It also comes with pre-packaged commands such as Add / Delete / Expand a disk. In addition to that, Network management is also part of it now.

Attach and detach a network:

In the Hybr Tenant portal, Under the Virtual Machines tab, you can find the list of the created VMs where you can perform various custom operations that includes ‘Attach and Detach a Network’ against the virtual machine.

How to attach a network?

You can select the network from the available list to be attached against the VM using Attach Network option.

How to detach a network?

Similarly, you can switch from one to another network using the ‘ Detach Network’ option against the VM.

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