Azure Active Directory

This document helps you to get the below information for integrating AAD with HYBR application,

  1. Directory ID or Tenant ID (can get it from overview page of AAD)

  2. Application ID

  3. Application Client Secret


Obtain a Client Id and Client Secret for a Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Step 1: Sign-in Azure portal

Step 2: Go to Azure Active Directory --> App Registration

Step 3: Click New Registration to register for a new App for HYBR application

Step 4: Register the new App by providing the appropriate values. (select Multi-Tenant if different AAD domain will be used for tenant)

Step 5: Choose the application, to get the Client ID value and copy it to the clipboard. The Client ID and Application ID are same value from the Azure application as shown in the below. Go to Application in Azure portal and check the value in Application (client) ID.

For Example: The Client ID looks like:

  • Client ID: 53ba6f2b-6d52-4f5c-8ae0-7adc20808854

Step 6: To get the Client ID Secret, Go to Application and select Certificates & Secrets in left side section.

Step 7: Create New Client secret & give the expiry date as per your requirement.

Step 8: Once Client secret created, copy It to clipboard (cannot get the secret if missed to copy).

For Example: The Client Secret:

Client Secret: NMubGVcDqkwwGnCs6fa01tqlkTisfUd4pBBYgcxxx=

Step 9: Select Authentication Page in Azure application left side section.

Step 10: Add redirect URL’s in authentication page and

Sub-domain Name will be defined while deploying HYBR






Step 11: select "Access tokens" and select single tenant directory or multi-tenant directory by based on requirements.

Step 12: After fill the redirect URL’s and then click save.