Go to Reporting → Reconciliation to find Invoice Reconciliation

This feature will be enabled if we enable appsetting ShouldShowReportingReconcilationTab to true

This tab gives us the Invoice Reconciliation between Invoice usage and Cost Export

Here we have some filters to list subscriptions, billing cycle , status and which data we should compared to

In Summary -> We will show relevant details on billing cycle, Invoice no and Subscription with grid which is summation of total compared value.

This page is used to report issue if we have to track as an issue.

This grid values the Meter name, Category, Subcategory, Region name and Matched status if Invoice Usage and Cost Export value matched and mismatched if both differs, and subsequent columns will be variation compared

On clicking the grid it will navidate to this page to look for individual variation

This been done by two tasks in coconut

  1. Downloader task

AzureInvoiceUsageDownloaderBatchTask - To download invoice usage from azure and save it as files in azure storage.

  1. Spark Task

AzureInvoiceUsageMonthlyExport - To fetch data from downloaded file and seed it in db

The cost export data and Invoice usage data will be compared and seed it in Metadata

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