Zapier Integration

This page gives a detailed information on how to integrate Hybr application to Zapier

Hybr now supports webhook integration to Zapier from which you can perform wide range of integrations and functionalties. Lets dive into the steps to integrate Hybr application to Zapier

You need to create an Integration App in hybr. Click here to view the steps to create. Note down the application secrets while creating an Hybr integration app.

Login to zapier portal. Do contact to get access to Hybr integration to Zapier.

Create a new Zap and select Hybr application as a trigger

After adding Hybr as a trigger, go to account in the side menu and click 'Add Account', after clicking you will be prompted with a popup where you need to enter the Secret Key information from where you have created an integration app.

After saving, you have succssfully integrated Hybr to Zapier. Now you can perfrom various triggrs and events from Zapier and Hybr.

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