This page gives a detailed information on how to create and configure Plans inside reseller

Every offer must be linked to a plan inorder for the customer to get onboarded

Various quotas are defined in the plan which will be used by the customer who subscripbes for the offer linked to that plan.

Reseller can view two types of plans

  1. Resellable Plans - These plans are configured by the service provider and connot be edited. It is only available to the reseller in read only mode.

  2. Normal Plans - These plans are created by the reseller by keeping one of the resellable plan as a base plan. In this plan only the pricing profile inside the billing plans service is configurable all the other quotas are not configurable. The pricing profiles from the resellable plans and the pricing profiles created by the reseller is selectable while configuring the billing plan service.

Plan Creation

Inside reseller portal navigate to Customers -> Plans

In this page the reseller can create and manage plans for their customers

A list of resellable plans and plans created by the reseller is listed

While creating an offer inside reseller, a base plan should be selected so that, all the quotas associated with the base plan will be accessed by the new created plan by the reseller

By drilling down into the created plan, the reseller can view the list plan services liked with the plan

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