Azure Invoice Comparision

About the Feature

Azure invoices are financial documents that are generated by Microsoft Azure. These invoices provide a detailed breakdown of the charges incurred by a customer for their usage of Azure services during a specified billing period.

On the other hand, Hybr fetches the Azure Cost Export data which consists of cost and usage data for further analysis and reporting. It enables customers to extract detailed consumption and billing information from their Azure subscription.

Azure Invoice comparison feature enables us to compare the actual invoice from Azure and the cost export data populated and processed by Hybr, which gives the customer an accuracy and clarity on the cost allocated.

To view Azure Invoice comparison

To view the Azure invoice comparison, follow the following steps,

  1. Log in to the Hybr Admin portal and navigate to Cost Analysis -> Data Sources -> Connections.

  2. Create an Azure API-endpoint connection with required details to download the Azure invoice.

  1. Create an Azure Cost export connection with required details to download cost export data.

  1. Once the Azure invoice and Cost export data are downloaded, go to the Cost Analysis -> Reconciliation page.

  2. The Invoice comparison data will be displayed per subscription for different Billing cycles.

  1. To make the comparison easier, there filters available for Subscription, Billing Cycle, Invoice Id and Status which helps broadly in accuracy and validation.

  2. The detailed view of an individual item can be viewed by clicking on it.

  1. An work item can be created in Azure DevOps if there is a discrepancy in cost using "Report Issue" button

  1. Using "Reconcile All" button, the admin can reconcile all items in invoice comparison data once he verified the cost discrepancies.

  1. The admin can export the Invoice comparison data using "Export" button.

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