Transition from Legacy to NCE

This page gives a detailed steps on how to transition a CSP subscription from Legacy to NCE in Hybr

Service providers and customers will have comprehensive visibility into the acquired licenses/subscriptions.

Select the license you wish to migrate from legacy to NCE and then click on the 'Migrate' button

Choose the term duration, billing plan, and quantity to migrate.

If you wish to continue using the license with the existing term, simply disable the 'Purchase New Full Term' checkbox. For example, if an annually purchased license has been utilized in the legacy system for 6 months, and you only want to continue with the same term, the remaining 6 months will be renewed for NCE after the migration.

On the other hand, if you want to start the subscription with a new term after using it for a few months in legacy, enable the 'Purchase New Full Term' checkbox. This action allows you to migrate the same license with a new term."

To monitor the migration status in Hybr®, navigate to the request management menu. Following the migration, you can view the same license in the New Commerce Experience, displaying the selected term duration and billing plan.

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