Create and Publish Service Catalog offers

This page gives detailed steps on how to create and publish service catalogue offers for Azure Stack hub

Steps to create Service catalog offer

Step 1: Click Service catalog from the side menu. A list of existing service catalog offers will be displayed

Step 2: Click ‘Create Offer’ in the service catalog page

Step 3: A new popup window will open. You can create a publisher or choose the existing one-> Type in the offer name-> Select the payment model i.e. Prepaid or Postpaid -> click advanced option -> select the platform and Azure stack hub connection -> type in the summary -> select the category in which the offer needs to be listed -> click the tick

A new offer will be created in the service catalog, but the status of the offer is ‘drafted’

Step 4: To configure the service catalogue offer, click the new offer that is created-> navigate to ‘Marketplace Info’ -> enter the mandatory fields-> click Save

Step 5: Navigate to service catalogue display page -> Now we can change the state of the offer to ‘Published’

Step 6: Click the edit button is service catalogue and select the payment mode

Steps to Publish Prepaid offers in service catalogue

Step 1: Enable the app settings for azure stack hub

Step 2: click Vonnect from the side menu -> click the connections menu-> click Azure stack hub in the sub menu

The available azure stack hub connections will be visible

Step 3: Click any one of the Azure stack hub connection -> Click offers under that sub menu

The list of available offers under the Azure stack hub connections will be vsible

Step 4: Click the appropriate offer that you want to publish -> A new window will popup -> select the service catalogue offer that you want to publish this azure stack hub offer, select the skew title, enter the summary. Enter the minimum offer price -> click the tick-> The azure stack hub offer will be published in the service catalogue

The minimum offer price should be maintained by the tenant, if the wallet balance of the tenant goes below the minimum balance, the subscriptions will be suspended.

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