Cost Management

Steps for version update of Cost Management component

Backup the current version artifacts

  • Stop the Cost Management agent service

  • Take a back up of the Cost Management agent config file

    • File Path: C:\Program Files\CloudAssertCostManagement\CloudAssert.CostManagement.WindowsService\CloudAssert.CostManagement.WindowsService.exe.config

  • Back up the Cost Management database

Install the new build

  • Uninstall the existing version of the Cost Management agent service

  • Update the Cost Management Database using the Cost Management Tool. Make sure to update the connection string in tool web config before executing the update command

CloudAssert.CostManagement.Tool.exe UpdateDatabase
  • Delete Staging tables - Execute the below SQL command against Cost Management Database

  • Install the latest Cost Management agent service

  • Stop the agent service

  • Refer the previous version's agent config file and change the current one

  • Start the agent service

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