How do I contact support?

Our support team is here to help, learn what information to share.

There are multiple ways to get in touch with us,

  1. You can email directly

  2. You can submit a support request via Hybr App. When you are logged in as Service Provider, click on Support from the side menu to submit a request

  3. Alternatively, you can access and submit a support request

What information should I share?

To help us help you as efficiently as possible, please be sure to send us all the relevant details:

  • If your support request relates to a specific account, please make sure to provide account details.

  • Please describe the steps that you are taking, what happens when you take those steps, and what you expected to happen instead.

  • If you are running into an error message, please pass along the error message in full.

  • Can you send us a screenshot to show us what you're seeing? Or, can you send us a short video to show us the steps that you are taking? These are extremely helpful!

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