Guacamole Pre-Requisites

Port Requirements:

Connection TypeProvider/OSPortTarget

IP Connect




IP Connect




Console Connect

VCenter (Version lower then 7)

1000-9999, 50000-50999


Console Connect




Guacamole pre-requisites for Virtual Machine / VM template

When setting up a base template in vCenter or VMM, please make sure to apply the settings below. This is mandatory to launch a VM through guacamole using Hybr.

IP Connect:

  1. Linux:

    1. OpenSSH-server needs to be installed

    2. The virtual machine should have network attached

    3. Port 22 should be allowed in the firewall (SSH)

    4. The virtual machine should be accessible from the guacamole servers

  2. Windows:

    1. RDP is enabled in the virtual machine

    2. RDP Port 3389 should be enabled

    3. The Virtual Machine should be accessible from the guacamole servers

    4. WDDM should be disabled

      1. Windows 10 template requirements for Apache Guacamole

        1. Gpedit.msc -> Local Computer Policy -> Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Remote Desktop Services -> Remote Session Environments -> Disable Use WDDM Graphics

Console Connect:

  1. vCenter (Version lower than 7):

    1. Console Port Ranges for each host should be enabled in network

    2. VNC protocol should be enabled for each host

    3. Host machines should be accessible from the guacamole server

    4. Note: For existing workloads that were onboarded (Sync) to Hybr require a manual Sync operation in the Hybr admin portal.

      1. For the Synced VMs after the port assignment, needs to restart the VM in order to console connect it.

  2. SPF:

    1. RDP should be enabled in all the hosts of the VMM

    2. Console port 2179 (default) should be allowed in firewall

    3. Host machines should be accessible from the guacamole servers

    4. Host credentials need to be entered in Hybr. The username should be the represented in @ notation for domain users or local machine user can be used. (user01@domain or user01 instead of domain\user01)


Without this setting on a VM template / Virtual machine, user will face error while connecting to a VM through guacamole using Hybr.

Error: (You have been disconnected issue) segfault 0

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