Hybr portal customization helps the operators to customize their branding (Tenant login screen with logo and Background image, Header Text, Welcome text, Theme, and Portal tags) to get a unique experience.

Following are the portal customization areas,

  1. Skin Themes

  2. Logo in Tenant Login Screen

  3. Tenant Login background

  4. Homepage Text

  5. Portal Tags

Admin Portal --> My Account --> Portal Customization --> Customize

Skin themes:

It allows operators to select a particular skin theme listed below. Choose the required theme for the Hybr admin and tenant portal

Available Themes:

  1. Grayish Blue

  2. Blue

  3. Light

  4. Sky Blue

  5. Orange

Selecting the theme would prompt confirmation and whether you need to apply that theme in the tenant portal. On confirmation based on the selection, the theme would be used on the specified portals.

Logo in Tenant Login Screen

Choose the required logo and click upload.

Also, update the Hybr product appsettings "ShowLogoOnTenantLoginPage" to True to display the logo on the Tenant login screen.

Hybr Admin portal --> Administrations --> Settings --> Application Configurations

In Area, Choose Hybr

In Group, Choose ProductFeatures

Update true to Key ShowLogoOnTenantLoginPage

You can see that the logo that we have uploaded on the admin side appears in the tenant login and signup screen in the below image.

Tenant Login background

Choose the required Tenant login background and click upload.

Home page

Home page text will be displayed on the login screen, you can customize your text, image, button, and much more. You can use the editor in either text mode or code mode.

Admin Portal --> My Account --> Portal Customization --> Homepage --> Update the content --> Click save

In the below image, we have added the text “Please reach for any quick assistance”

Once you are done with this, it will appear in the tenant login screen, as shown below.

Portal Tags

Add the required Portal Name, Tag Line, Welcome Heading --> Click Update.

Portal tags will be updated in the Hybr admin experience, as shown in the below image

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