Cost Reset

Steps to reset usage cost

Resetting cost is recommended in the following situations,

  • The Price for a meter is changed in the middle of a billing cycle but that needs to be reflected from the beginning of a billing cycle

  • Subscription is added to billing lately in the middle of the billing cycle but usage is already collected from the Usage Source for the subscription

  • When the cost needs to be calculated for the previous billing cycles during a new installation (applicable for the Usage sources that provide the old data). By default, the cost is calculated starting the current billing cycle.

When the cost is reset, the usage is reprocessed based on the current meters from the month selected.

To reset the cost follow the below steps,

  • Navigate to Reset Page in the Admin portal which is under Billing -> Monitoring

  • Choose the month from which the usage cost must be reset

  • Click the 'Reset' button

Expect reset to take up to 20 mins and cost recalculation to take 1 hour. This can be even higher when a large amount of the usage data is involved. During this time, the cost shown in the dashboard and reports is not up-to-date.

  • Use below SQL command against Billing Database to check the Reset operation. Result Status should 200 for all the operations.

select * from Operations with (nolock) where DeploymentId = (select Top 1 DeploymentId from Deployments with (nolock) order by CreatedOn desc)

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