Recommendations for setting price for Azure Stack Hub in Hybr

Microsoft publishes changes to meters and supported VM sizes through the documentation mentioned above. Azure Stack Operators need to track the changes in the above documentation and make necessary changes in Hybr to support the same for Billing.

Prepaid Plans: It is even more important for operators with Prepaid Plans to have the prices set before actual usage as the cost for resources consumed won't be deducted from Wallet till the prices are set and there is a possibility customer overrun their balance.

  • When you decide to keep the pricing of your Azure Stack Hub based on Azure Pricing, we recommend the following model in Hybr Billing

    • Have all the Azure Stack Hub meters configured with Azure cost in a base pricing profile

    • Create as many child Pricing profiles as needed and set markup or discount at the Pricing profile level.

    • For example, if you are offering two plans with 3% and 5% discounts on top of Azure Pricing, you will have Base Pricing Profile 1 with all the Azure Stack Hub Meters and a second pricing profile - Plan A linked with Base Pricing Profile 1 and set the discount as 3% and have the third pricing profile - Plan B linked with Base Pricing Profile 2 and set the discount as 5%

  • Compute Service Type has three meters, 'FAB6EB84-500B-4A09-A8CA-7358F8BBAEA5' needs to be set for VMs procured without Windows License and '9CD92D4C-BAFD-4492-B278-BEDC2DE8232A' is configured for VMs procured with Windows License. Meter '6DAB500F-A4FD-49C4-956D-229BB9C8C793' provides VM size hours, is generally ignored by Operators as pricing is configured through the other two meters that are adjusted to VCPU hours.

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