Tenant Portal Access for HYBR Admin

Giving access to HYBR Admin for Tenant company

Settings and configuration

  • Login to Admin Portal

  • Go to -> Administrations -> Settings

  • Click on Application Configuration and select HYBR in Area dropdown and Product Features in Group dropdown

  • Search for “IsShowAddAdminAsUserSetting” and edit it and set its value to “True”.

  • Once the above settings is enabled, we can see a checkbox at company creation step 3 for onboarding HYBR admin as a user to that Tenant company.

  • Enabling this checkbox will add HYBR admin as a user to that tenant company with contributor access.

  • HYBR admin can use his credentials to login to tenant portal

  • For switching between tenant companies, click on the switch company/subscription filter icon on the top right of the portal and click on the company name to switch.

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