MS CSP security consent process

Hybr consent process for MS CSP partner center API integration

Microsoft have mandated the security requirements of cloud solution provider (CSP) partners and control panel vendors (CPV) to authenticate through the Microsoft Azure multi-factor authentication (MFA) architecture. CSP partners as well as control panel vendors require to use this model for Partner Center API integration.

Hybr requires a consent process to communicate with Microsoft Partner center. The consent can be provided in the Hybr admin portal. The account should have access to Partner Center with Billing Admin and Admin agent privileges.

Once the consent is provided, it is valid up to 90 days. The consent has to be updated again before the 90 day expiry.


To provide the consent in Hybr Admin portal, please follow the steps below.

  1. Login to admin portal with the account that has access to partner center

  2. Go to CloudServices -> Account

  3. Click "Update Consent" button

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