CSP Operations and Status tracking

How to make use of Hybr notification and Status tracking of CSP operations

CSP Operations

CSP operations such as create, update, suspend subscriptions, assigning licenses to users etc., can be done from Hybr admin and tenant portals.

The performance of these operations depends on the Partner Center responsiveness. To improve the experiance of users, these operations are offloaded to the backend which helps users continue to use the portal and perform other tasks.

Here's the user flow of CSP operations,

  1. User performs a CSP operations

  2. A notification is immediately shown to the user stating the operation is inprogress

  3. User can continue to use the website

  4. When the operations gets completed, user gets a completed notificaiton on the portal

  5. If user prefers to see the status of the operations, it can be viewed in Request Management ➡️Deployment Jobs ➡️ Billing and Subscriptions

Alerts and Notification center

A notification popup on the top right corner of the portal when an operation is initiated and completed.

Users can also make use of the notification center to view all the status of the CSP operations. This can be viewed by clicking on the bell icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Status tracking

The status of all the operations can be found under Request Management ➡️Deployment Jobs ➡️ Billing and Subscriptions

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