Customer Onboarding

This page gives a detailed information on how to onboard and manage companies inside reseller

The reseller can onboard their own companies with offer they have created. There are two types of companies listed insdie reseller

  1. Companies mapped by Service provider - these companies are companies created by the service provider with their own offer, the reseller needs to manage those companies, once those companies are mapped to a reseller they cannot edit or unmap those companies from them. They can switch to that company so that they can perform all the actions that the company can do. For example the reseller can switch to an end customer company and make purchases on behalf of them and manage those products in their portal.

  2. Companies created by the reseller - These companies are onboarded inside the reseller portal with the offer created by them. They can perfom all the functions on these companies such as, edit or delete them.

Onboarding a new company inside a reseller

Login to the reseller portal

Navigate to Customers -> Companies

In this page list of all the companies from the above two categories will be listed.

The reseller can create their own company and map it to an offer and manage them

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