Pricing Profile Management

This page gives a detailed information on how to create and manage pricing profile inside a reseller

pricing profile has a list of prices of the products. The reseller can add markup of discount to the products customized to the customer. There are two types of pricing profile

Base pricing Profile: In this profile all the meters are configured and it is from the resellable plans configured for a reseller. The reseller cannot edit or delete this pricing profile.

Child Pricing Profile: This pricing profile is rected by keeing one of the base pricing profile as base. All the meters from the base pricing profile will be cloned to the child pricing profile, and the reseller can add markup or discount to a specific product or to a whole service. It can be deleted or edited by the reseller.

Creating a Pricing Profile:

Login to Reseller Portal

Navigate to Billing -> Customers -> Pricing -> pricing profile

In this page the list of pricing profiles from the above category is listed. The reseller can edit or create the pricing profile here

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