Reseller Plan

This page gives a detailed description about how to create and manage plans for Resellers

The reseller can use the quotas configured in the plan if the appropriate plan is linked to the offer while onboarding.

Navigate to Resellers -> Plans

The reseller can create a plan by clicking 'Create Plan'

By entering the plan name and description a plan is created

Drill down into the created plan. Here the service provider can add various available plan services to the plan

Click 'Add Plan Service'

Select the plan service that you want to add

There are two plan services for the reseller

CloudAssertBilling - Plan Service

In this plan service the service provider can configure the pricing profile and other quotas related to billing.

Offers and Plans - Plan Service

In this plan service, the service provider can configure what are all the plans created by the service provider will be visible to the reseller who avails an offer linked with the plan.

The plans that are configured in the plan service 'Offers and Plans' are known as resellable plans

To learn more about Plans Visit Plans Management

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