This document helps you to get the below information for integrating ADFS 2016 with HYBR application, NOTE: HYBR supports ADFS 2016 & later versions.

  1. Application ID

  2. Application Client Secret

  3. Obtain Authority and Metadata address of ADFS 2016

Step 1: Open the ADFS Management Console in ADFS server and add the new application group.

Step 2: Provide the name for new application and select the application template as Server application from standalone application and click next.

Step 3: Note down the Client Identifier from the wizard. It will be required while installing Hybr for ADFS integration and add the Following URLs in the Redirect URL list and click next.






Step 4: Generate a shared secret key for the application access and note down it for Hybr Installation and click next.

Step 5: Finish the wizard.

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