Steps for version update of billing component

Backup the current version artifacts

  • Stop the Billing agent service

  • Take a back up of the Billing agent service and API config file

    • API - C:\inetpub\MgmtSvc-CloudAssertBilling\bin\Web.config

    • Agent config file - C:\Program Files\CloudAssertBilling\CloudAssert.WAP.Billing.AgentService\CloudAssert.WAP.Billing.AgentService.exe.config

  • Back up the Templates from C:\inetpub\MgmtSvc-CloudAssertBilling\Templates and C:\Program Files\CloudAssertBilling\CloudAssert.WAP.Billing.AgentService\Templates

  • Back up the Billing database

Install the new build

  • Make sure IIS_USR has access to the “C:\inetpub\MgmtSvc-CloudAssertBilling” folder

  • Uninstall the existing version of the Billing agent service and API

  • Install the latest Billing API

  • Install latest Billing Agent

  • Stop the Billing Agent

  • Replace the respective backed up templates to C:\inetpub\MgmtSvc-CloudAssertBilling\Templates and C:\Program Files\CloudAssertBilling\CloudAssert.WAP.Billing.AgentService\Templates

  • Refer the previous version's of the API and Agent config file and change the current ones

  • Update the billing database using Billing Tool

BILLING.EXE UpdateDatabase /ApiEndpoint:fillHere /Username:fillHere /Password:fillHere
  • Start the agent service

Post-deployment validation

  • Check for the version details in the About Page in Admin Portal, it should have the latest versions installed

  • Make sure all the pages loaded properly in Admin and Tenant portal

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