The Collaboration feature allows users to communicate, share insights, and discuss data directly within the context of the dashboard or report.

This lets users write comments on a dashboard or a report to share with other users who have access to the dashboard. It is useful for tracking events and providing insights into those events. Users can also add images or links to any external websites.

Anyone with access to a dashboard can write comments. When a user in mentioned in a comment, user will receive notifications in Hybr portal

Post a new comment

To post a new comment, navigate to Reporting -> Dashboards, open the dashboard and click the comment icon in the top-right corner as shown in the following image.

Type a comment in the text area and click Post to save the comment in the dashboard.

Reply to a comment

To reply to a comment, click the Reply icon in the comment as shown in the following image.

Type the reply in the text area and click Post to save it in the dashboard.

You can also reply to a reply of a comment.

Edit a comment

To edit a comment, click Edit button as shown in the following image.

Edit the comments and click Save to save your changes.

Delete a comment

To delete a comment click on Delete button as shown in following image.

Mention users in comment

Users can be mentioned in comments to notify them about the comments by Notifications in Hybr Portal.

Type @ followed by the user’s name, and then select the user from the list of possible names to mention them in a comment.

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